2017 Workshop Highlights

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Watch Your Feet!

The workshop was a resounding success according to the 92 participants. Germany was as always well represented, followed by friends from Switzerland, and a surprising number from the UK. 25 sets and no repeats, and 3 additional sets in the workshops including one collected by Annie and Bert from Cape Breton Island in Canada. The Saturday night session was amazing - with a surprise musical-setdance group from Bonn and the band not only playing, but singing and dancing through to the sma' wee 'oors.

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Annie & Bert Moran

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With decades of experience of teaching set dancing in County Cork, Bert and Annie have been actively involved in teaching set dancing in Wales, and Atlantic Canada.  They have over many years, taught a variety of sets at the Frankfurt workshops.  They were part of a team to lead the dancing of the Siege of Ennis, for the Guinness world breaking record in Cork City.

Bert Moran

Ilen Céilí Band

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The Ilen Céilí Band plays at many events in Co. Cork and Co. Kerry.

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Sean Walsh comes from a very musical Skibbereen family. In addition to being a head music teacher, he is Musical Director of Skibbereen branch of Comhaltas Ceoltoirí Éireann.

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Liz Walsh has been playing with the band since it started. Liz a great flute player, and teaches music in Skibbereen.

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Ciarán O'Donovan has become well know for his traditional singing, and is a very talented banjo player. He was all Ireland singing champion in 2016.

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Mary-Therese Coughlan is another all-Ireland under-18 champion (fiddle), and of course, that comes over in her clear style.

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Helen Coughlan, like her sister, is an all-Ireland under 18 champion fiddle player. She is equally at home on the piano.

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Ciarán French is another accomplished young musician. He won the all Ireland under 18 championship (2016) for playing céilí drums, and in addition plays button accordion.

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Ekhart Topp is an accomplished musician with a passion for Bluegrass and Irish music. Read more about Ekhart….