Dress code

Dress code in set dancing is not about wearing formal clothes, but what to wear to make dancing more comfortable for you and pleasant for partners.

Irish set dancing is rather more energetic than most people realise when they begin, which is why we were part of the Sports University for several years.

As the dancing can be fairly fast, you will probably feel most comfortable in clothes that are not too tight. Most people bring along a towel and change of top, as when the dancing is finished you really do not want to go outside with damp clothes.

Think of two things here.
  • You are dancing on clean dance floor, so don't dance in shoes that you have walking on the street. The other dancers will appreciate you not leaving a trail of mud, dust, and other solid materials over the dance floor.
  • You will find leather-soled shoes, or jazz-shoes are best, with jazz-shoes best on hard floors. A dancer needs to be able to move around the floor quickly, turn, and slide without having the brakes put on by floor-gripping soles.

That's all. Not much to think of, but it does make a difference.

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